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Enrollment Questions

* We have classes available at these locations:

   - Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP) Keaʻau off Paradise Drive and 23rd Avenue

   - Kāne`ohe O`ahu - Alaloa St. (behind Windward Mall)

   - Mānoa, Honolulu - Old Paradise Park, entrance to Mānoa Falls 

   - Minneapolis, Minisota (JAPAN) - Komagome, Chiba, Narita, Osaka

* What are your ages that you accept dancers 

   - We offer classes from ages 6yrs and up in both men, women, seniors.

* What if i want to observe a class session?

   - Come down visit one of our classes, parents can sit in and observe what we do.

   - The dancers are encouraged to join in on a class, to get a better feel of what we do in class. 

   - Payments and Registration is done on the second practice, after that parents