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Kumu Hula Rich Pedrina

Knowledge of the dance is gained by learning the skills of simplicity in the Kahiko style of old Hawaiʻi.

Kumu Rich Pedrina received uniki status from Master Kumu Hula and Entertainer, Kimo Alama-Keaulana, and through the "HA", the breath or blessings of his Kumu, Chinky Mahoe. Kumu Rich Pedrina strives to instill what he has learned and been taught through the years. Kumu Rich Pedrina was very blessed by having the privilege of studying under Kumu Hula George Kananiakeakua Holokai before his passing. During that time, Kumu Rich got very close with Uncle George and, as a result, Uncle George shared a great deal of his knowledge and experience of his earlier days as a trained chanter, kumu hula, and entertainer. George Holokaʻi was very well versed in many things, but what inspired Kumu Rich Pedrina was his use of the implements. He will always cherish what he has learned from these talented Nā Kumu Hula.