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The many expressions of a favorite one (flower/person)

Our dancers strive to impart to the audience an "everlasting impression" by their expressions and gentle gestures as they execute their hula motions.

Naupaka (Kahakai)

Our Hälau Flower


Naupaka was selected by Kumu Rich and his hula brother, Mark "Maka" Jacques, who passed away on January 23, 1996. He also had a hälau, I Ka Po I ke `Anuenue (night rainbow) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One evening at Tantalus, while reminiscing about the "good old days", the idea of joining the two hälau was discussed.

Naupaka (Kuahiwi)

Maka's favorite place for solitude was the mountains, Rich's place for refuge was the ocean. They saw the Naupaka flower on Tantalus and realized that the blossoms are also found at the ocean. At that time, they decided to select the Naupaka blossom to represent both hälau.